For the past month, I’ve been enrolled on a disability empowerment programme called the ‘I CAN, I WILL PROGRAMME’. This programme was structured to help me: Scale new mountains! Develop self-confidence Focus on the things you can change Enable me to plan for a more fulfilling and active lifestyle, and work potential Support me to […]

“Myths and Misconceptions“ People make silly assumptions about people with disabilities. Many people form preconceived ideas about the disabled community at large. From personal experience, here are just a few: MYTH 1. DISABILITY IS A DEVASTATING PERSONAL TRAGEDY WITH NO CURE. The Truth- The lives of disabled people are not tragic. The solution to disability […]

By: Daniella Jade Lowe ‘Making a plan to improve your life’ ‘When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.’ Empowering oneself requires independence, and choosing the way you respond to each challenge you face in life. Displaying self-control in negative situations, […]

Independence A typical day in my life, requires lots of motivation, dedication and can be time-consuming. Being independent while having a disability, requires one, like me, to be assertive and diligent. It also requires me to be an independent thinker and show personal initiative and interest in my personal affairs. Practising independence helps me to […]

By: Daniella Jade Lowe Wheelchair users in the UK are being overcharged indiscriminately by various taxi firms. According to previous articles printed by the Telegraph and Argus newspaper, this is a situation that has been recurring for over three years. Despite previous campaigns to end this madness, it has relentlessly continued. As a disabled citizen, […]

By: Daniella Jade Lowe When we think of disability we so often think of wheelchairs (understandable when you consider the disability symbol that is used everywhere), yet only 5% of disabled people actually use a wheelchair. People also tend to confuse a disability with a sickness. Disability vs Illness An illness is a sickness. Some […]

By: Daniella Jade Lowe From January 29th- February 23rd, 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in the Movement 2 Work Placement at the Park Place Jobcentre in Leeds, through the Department of Works and Pensions. I originally found out about this placement at the Guiseley Jobcentre through my Work Coach last year. […]